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CRM On Demand Training in Hyderabad


1 Hour

What is CRM?
Types of CRM tools in the market?
Difference between SaaS, PaaS and IaaS?
Why CRM On Demand?

2 Hours

The Role of the OOD Administrator

Administrator tasks

  • Resources and setup templates

2 Hours

Setting Up the Company Defaults and Password Controls

Settings in the company profile

Security settings

Sign in and password controls


  • Personal Profile
  • Action Bar Layout
  • Data Integration Tools
  • Different Types of tools

8 Hours

Managing Visibility and Access Control

  • Access profiles
  • Role management
  • Manager visibility
  • Setting up users
    • Difference between Teams and Group
  • Flexible data sharing with books of business

12 Hours

Customizing Fields and Page Layout

  • New or modified fields
  • Cascading pick lists
  • Default field values
  • Web links
  • Detail page and related information section layouts
  • Dynamic page layouts
  • Homepage, Search, Action Bar, and Convert Lead layout


Setting Up a Product Catalog and Forecast Schedule

  • Products and product categories
  • Forecast types
  • Forecast schedule setup
  • Opportunity forecasts

2 Hours

Assigning Records Automatically

  • Automatically assign records
  • Assignment rule groups
  • Assignment rule criteria

Embedding Your Sales Methodology

  • Sales stages and pipeline reports
  • New or modified sales processes
  • Sales process coach

3 Hours

Using Workflow Rules to Automate Actions

  • Workflow actions and trigger events
  • Workflow rules
  • Workflow monitoring

4 Hours

Managing Access to Reports and Analyses

  • Prebuilt and custom analytics
  • Visibility to data in reports
  • Access controls for reports
  • Homepage analyses